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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Listen to me I a wisdom spreading the message to grown ups and children
Mentality philosophy sycologicoly educationaly given
My brains spinning working 7 days a week thinking
My thoughts are high beonyed the sky it's like an angel blinking
Thoughts of determination I will spread knowledge to the nation
So all that negative in the world I am replacing
With lyrical penatration only spoken by a consealer
I can never be the same never follow I'm a leader
This world is going down if I keep this to myself
I would die a 1000 deaths to help everyone else
This life is so amazing while hell's fire keeps blazing
Billionars keep getting money and prices are still raising
Homeless people craving 3 pennies they are saving
I'm getting so pissed I'm about to paint the white house black
Uplifting my community and bringing it all back
Apply all this wisdom because every word is a fact
Oz ent.... worth the wait…
True Knowledge
Not Your Average Rapper
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