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Friday, March 5, 2010

A Little About Me

I'm straight out the Bronx's heavy streets and I love it man
The blocks are so hot my side walks have a son tan
Even though people out hustling crack weed and dro
I stay out of trouble and I keep my profile low
Keep my grades high I stay in school now I'm in the 12th grade
I know my Greek alphabet and study hard in many ways
Unfortunately I'm black and cops treat me as if I'm selling crack
Searching my pants for a gat asking me what is in my ass crack
But I live above that still proud of being black
Still every time I'm outside I have to watch how I act
Isn't that crazy these cops in the Bronx amaze me
They want to beat me with night sticks harass me and taze me
That's why most of my friends are in jail some are have died
Emotions drive me nuts my tears have still not dried
Now you see what I am and what I will be
I just wanted you people to see a little about me Oz ent.... worth the wait…
True Knowledge
Not Your Average Rapper
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