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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hood Diary Prt. 1

I have dreams of making lama beans without hustling drug schemes
Or following such themes holding crack in my jeans
When I say fast lanes I switch lanes fast
With cash navigation no crash not worrying about gas
People in the hood really ain’t making much
Sometime people can’t afford a nickle bag and a doucth
Kids those are two things no one should touch
It takes a real person to say no to drugs
Screw them fake thugs attracting bugs floors with no rugs
They got no love first they your friends now you got slugs
Yours parents are right even if they keep you home at night
They give you the good training because life is a fight
I pray that what I say is herd the right way
All the thoughts stay in good thoughts one day
The people out there doing good
Should know that we can all work together and make it out of the hood
(That’s just a teaser!)
True Knowledge
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