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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

True Knowledge Taking Over Youttube

Strong words yes. is going to hit you harder then you have ever been hit before. It may not seem like nothing to other people me grinding out in a way of my thoughts which are creations. Walking up to a lot of famous and very well off people who can change my life with just a good reaction. The reaction of KRS1 has been up there for some time now and recently has 1,100 views on youtube and there just posted on my myspace music page for now. So far in my struggle I met Busta Rhymes Rhyme Fest Rakim Talib Kweli Mr. Cheeks
Dj Primo The Zulu Nation G Dep The sugar Hill Gang Foxy Brown and many more big named people that can change my life. People think it's about time that I'm putting up these videos, thank you for subscribing to my blogg and to my youtube page. The Lp from Oz ent.. 20-year-old young buck is putting out "Not Your Average Rapper" in as many places as possible as we speak. Hit Single include
"Paradise" "Love Was So Specail" and "Got My Own Swagg".
I been grinding for way to long... And the beat goes on.
Oz ent.... worth the wait…
True Knowledge
Not Your Average Rapper
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