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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hood Diary Prt. 2

Death people bleeding down to the last breathe
Happend so many times soon there will be no more left
Life in the hood is a pest but stil have to live it the best
Not getting shots in your chest down to the last breathe
Commited theft from right to left on the block non stop
Pointing a glock thinking they got the spot on lock
But litle do they know they been watched by a cop
They ran down for a drop; but it's not unuasual because
So many people in the hood want to be on top
Selling crack coke nicks and dime of pot
That's why in the streets we say the block is hot
Getting hit by pebbles while selling the rock (get it?)
This is my second entry of the hood diary
I can leave the hood but the hood can't leave me
This is for your point of veiw so you can see
How it is chilling in the H double O D
You feel me?
True Knowledge
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