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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hood Diary Prt. 3

Killing to some its thrilling catching people while they chilling
Bullets filling so much drama going on in the hood
Up to no good no food everybody being rude
The hood is crude You don’t want to live here dude
You will get chewed left with your face bruised
A day in the hood isn’t a vacation in a cruise
People will be sued but some people don’t give an F
As I said in part 2 people are dying until there’s no more left
Blood flying out the chest;
Dust to dust ashes to ashes flying soul and flesh to flesh
Run because with a gun dudes will ask were you from
Then shoot at you run as soon as the cops come
Just for a come up basically dummy money
Living crummy hungry will not even a heart in the tummy
Hearts in the back friends get something sharp in the back
This is the hood the trap out here is get money or be bummy
Hood Diary Prt. 3
To be continued...
True Knowledge
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