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Sunday, November 29, 2009

EoDuB 11/29/09

Yes, another sunday night True Knowledge perform fantastily at EoDuB. Located L.E.S. Ave A btwn 6th & 7th street. True Knowledge came in the club wearing a bage and white striped collar shirt with a siler/brown tie and a bage vest over it. Wearing a brown colored pair of slacks and black dressing shoes. Everyone ask "What's the occasion True"? I wen on that stage with a well known smash hit single called "Got My Own Swagg". The crowd loved it as I ran left and right using all of the stage resiting my lyrics to many heads in club Pyramid. I made sure before the day even really began I got a real nice hair cut to get my L.L. True J on.
Oh yes by the way, great news my youtube video of me rapping for KRS1 has now been featured on that means as soon as you go to you will see True Knowledge's blog part 3 of me rapping for KRS1 and Hakim Green of channel live. Trust me I spraked mad izim for them my brothers and sisters. As KRS1 said "Don't be afraid of the new world order because this is the TRUE world order".
EoDuB is the longest running Hip Hop open mic in New York City. I perform there every sigle sinday night. Make sure you go to and see the featured video. To hear some of my music or for more info go to:
Aim: Trueknowledg3

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Youtube Video

O when you go to type up trueknowledg3 just like that on to the search engine. You will see a bunch of me popping up, but I need you guys to check out L.L. True J VS. True Pac. It was a crazy performance I did at EoDuB Ave A btwn 6 n 7th street. The whole joke was me starting off with a song for the ladies additionally having my shirt half way off on the stage infront of the women. After the first verse of the song I did the hook again, then switched up the record to my smash hit called "Not Your Average Rapper". Between the trasition I heard on a microphone "He just went from L.L. True J to True Pac on us. The crowd was laughing and cheering for me to go in, some how I kept on a straight face as I usually do before performing my hit record "Not Your Average Rapper". Now with my shirt on I resited this song on the microphone as if the world was ment to end the next day. Getting two verses out of the song gave me enough energy on stage to resite the chorus 5 times in a row to the crowd of EoDuB. Check me out...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Working In The Studio

Ok now it was time to put some finishing touches on my album "Not Your Average Rapper" in the studio. Had to make a few changes and have a few arguments, you know how it is I keep it straight real. I keep my mouth shut and listen to opinions from other and if I think it could benifit me I would go by it. I'm glad I brought my home girl Lavish with me, because she gave me some great advice. People that record music will understand what I mean with this a lot more. As a rap artist I put in a lot of work with doubles, acsents, and all the crazy adlibs. She looked at the protools scream and straight up told us "that is way to much work". "Someitimes less is way better". So I understood what she ment, it's just that after recorded with Marco Polo I got used to doing the endings as well as the beginings after I do the double. It just so happened that she likes what I used to do better then what I was doing now. The only thing I explained was once all my takes or tracks are all mixed down together it's gone sound like one. She said it made no sence to do all those takes or tracks if it ends up sounding like one voice at the end. So I let he know that before I used to just record my verse and then say all the endings to it. And maybe do adlibs. So we took a minute with the extra tracks on mute and just listened to how the main vocals sound. And honestly I must say what her point was actualy makes sence, it did sound better that way. I wanted her to hype up one of my tracks, but I old her not to curse and she didn't know what to say after that. lol... Yup! It's True!! I don't curse in any of my song lyrics you can ask anyone True Knowledge does not curse in his albums, I want to be more universal for the people. So the next time I hit the studio in the morning I will go thru the list of all my tracks and take out all the extra takes or tracks (what ever you call them) and this True Knowledge album called "Not Your Average Rapper" will truely be a succesfull classic Hip Hop album.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Sunday Night @ EoDuB

This sunday night at the longest running Hip Hop open mic show was off the chain. I waited on line today as I normaly do (Ave A btn 6th and 7th street) and signed up as number 11. Wearing my blue EoDuB ready to perform for the amazing crowd. The night was very live tonight because there were people from different places in the world, such as Germany and Brazil. There were different acts on stage speaking in so many different langues that it jst drove the whole crowd wild. So as time went by people got their drink on and their dance on as I rehured in the bathroom saying my lyrics to myself over and over again. I thought of doing something wild and crazy that I don't normaly do, which is taking my shirt off on the EoDuB stage. So as I'm in the mirror checking myself out a friend of mine happens to walk in so I quickly put my shirt down and made my way out. It was about that time for me to apear on stage for my homie Marco Polo to be his hype man on stage for his smash hit called "New World Order". He says to look out for the versoin with KRS1 and more. He was number 7 and oh we rocked it, even Mental Sapream was on stage with us! When I got on stage it was camras out and time to roll...
I started off with a song strickly for the ladies called "The Time Of Your Life". When I took off my shirt they said a few thing like LL True Jay on stage before the music started. As they beat began the crowd went wild letting the intr play I herd a lot of yelling and scream saying "Go In! Go In!" chanting for me to begin. Then I set it off for the ladies so well that Joe Columbo had to give his camra to Sheree so she can record me. lol... I did the hook and the first verse that song. At the end of the segment my signature beat came on for the hit record off my album called "Not Your Average Rapper" entitled "Not Your Avearage Rapper". It is about how I am not like these other rappers, I'm not your aveerage rapper. Putting my shirt back on got everyone's attention instead of just the women in the crowd. ----Let me tell you 'bout ya average rapper--- the crowd went wild and said all of the words back to me as Marco Polo was on stage with me saying most of the words with me as well. It feels so good to know that other people out there know my song so well that they said my own lyrics right back to me.
Before I went home a lot of people came to me and gave me so much props saying that I said some real stuff on stage. True Knowledge - Not Your Average Rapper.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Performing Live

I am no shy person when it comes to a stage. The first time I ever performed on stage I was 11 years old in J.H.S. and I was all over that stage. It was only in front of 4 people, but it was something about being on stage the burning feeling through my vains the rush of energy in my heart and the song lyrics in my brain. These feeling have never left my soul since. Not I was introduced to a weekly open mic spot located at Ave A btwn 6th and 7th street called the Pyramid club. Every sunday night it is E-o-Dub which stands for End Of the Weak. If you take a lot at my picture you will see me waving to the crowd wearing a green EoDub shirt. I was so happy DMC wearing one. The host are the 3 kings and their website is very good networking goes on in that website. Big Ox the head of OZ ent was the one that introduced me to EoDuB and since that night I never stopped going to End Of the Weak every single sunday night to perform. The first song I did was called "Not Your Average Rapper" and the crowd at that club showed me so much love I had to come back and do my thing some more. I grabbed that microphone and wild out so crazy that I was known for being the wild one. The people over there gave me very good advice about controling my energy while I'm performing. I took everyone's advice and now when I perform live I don't even have to look at the crowd, because I'm sure that they are enjoying the vibe and I know they understand what I'm saying.
Trust me I'll be performing there every sunday night.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rapping For Rakim

Yes it's True. Ya boy True Knowledge live and direct. I just came from BB King, located at 42nd street in manhaton and the energy in the house was very positive. The night started up as Rhyme Fest got on stage rocking with DJ Rock Steady while I held Marco Polo's camra to capture this great footage. Rhyme Fest really rocked it and gave all the people something to go wild for. I remembered when he stopped the show, shouting out the white people in the crowd who enjoyed it heavily. He then kept it real about how black people, the people he loved would like his music and never buy his music. Then he proclaim that it would be white people and people over seas that will be the true die hard fans of that real Hip Hop. Boom; so we went back stage chilled in his dressing room and guest who come in! The legendary man himself Raheem man it was so great to see this guy in person. Can you belive he had to use my rhyme book to exchange with Rhyme Fest after he straight up bodied the stage? I swear I got Raheem to sign my rap book aswell. After filming the guys that brought you the hip hop the hibit the hinit to da (you know how it goes) and the original Slaughter House members the spoke on the new ones on tape. And guest who I saw after that! It was the God MC Rakim and right before he got on stage he was saprised at the opertunity to great his family members. Marco Polo had to tape his stage performance man, because I was in that crowd going crazy as hell watching Rakim perform his Hit singles such as "I Ain't No Joke", "Geuss Who's Back," and "Microphone Feind". Let me tell you man, he seriously killed it. Boom; we back stage and I saw my dude that be at to and performing there every sunday. His name is Fish Grease. Him and his crew started up a mean sifer so I poked my head out as soon as I realized that Rakim was paying attention. So I started spitting bars by that time all the stars were going in the room. So I kepted on rapping and rapping and lyricaly going in because I was mad every1 was just thinking I'm some camra man, I am True Knowledge! So like a minute goes by and I saw Rakim walking up to me, but he went to a bath room that was right next to me. I'm thinking alright he might be feeling it and the door was closed so let me spit a little louder. Finishing my rhyme looking into Marco's camra. Then Fish Grease was going in again killing it hard body. A few minutes later I saw Fish Grease in the room rapping for Rakim so I went inside the room, it was so crowded while I walked right through. Without even introducing a thing I started spitting my best rhymes for Rakim, as one dude was being rude trying to distract me Rakim listened to me and he inspired me to keep rapping for him. When I was done I held the camra and asked Rakim what was his reaction?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Determination Of True Knowledge

Wanting this and speaking about this is not what I'm focused on at all. Acheaving this action is my concentration. I'm ready and willing to stand in the cold for more hours for this strong desire within my heart is used for the right reasons. It may be a tough road but I'm ready and willing to ride untill the weels fall of, you feel me? I'm ready and willing to post up in front of the labels and the radios shows to do this hard body. Been performing at EoDub every sunday night this whole year and I'm not gone stop it unless I'm out of New York. True Knowledge. Watch me my story will shine out there. Not Ya Average Rapper.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hustling Hard

All I do is hustle, without a single dime of crack or a nickle bag of weed. People are so afraid to be therselves, but me I'm not your average rapper. I will straight up walk up to people I never met a day in my life and tell them about my album and how easily they can hear my music on the internet. I will sell my cds for 5 dollars a copy. The only way I can do that is by keeping a hie source of energy kill all fears inside of me and keep myself ready to rap for anyone right there on the spot as soon as they ask to hear some rhymes. Even if I go door to door with this I am ready and willing to smile and shake many hands to get my music heard. My album has 10 songs it is 40 minutes long and it's called "Not Ya Average Rapper". The first 2 songs are crack and so is the rest. I'm not expecting to sell a million copies, b ut this album right here will get me off my feet and down the road to sucess that I need to be in. My goal is to sell 20 cds every day as soon as I wake up in the morning I am hustling hard...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keep Faith Alive

Don't let your dreams die is the message I want to express everytime I perform at eodub. I know one day I will be telling people that is the place I got it all started. It's not a question any more I just know I will make it big. The people say they like my music and they want it to become big well, at the end of the day the people will get what they desire. I work with the best underground producers of all time of this country as well as UK. The name True Knowledge has a lot of people wondering. Once the album drops and marketing this directly to the people and they will respect me more for having the corage to straight come up to them and display my talent as an artist as well as a good sales man. I been writting to a lot of beats right there on the spot. No matter what anyones thinks I wont stop.
True Knowledge

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Gospel Of Hip Hop

Just now came from KRS-1 the MC's book release event. It was so live in the W hotel O my!! I came through had my name on the guest list and got a pink ticket to one of the first to get this legendary book that will be in many generations to come. There was an open bar in the house had your boy True Knowledge all saucy but not to much. When it was last call on that open for I saw mad people running down to get their last few drinks. They were giving out free vitamin water, I definetly had a few of those. In the building was the lengendary Hakim Green from channel live look very sharp and O... I most give another O... for this one. You wont even belive me man... The originator the creator of Hip Hop the Jesus Christ of Hip Hop if you wanna Kurt Flirt was in the house man. This was truely legendary holding Marco Polo's big camra shooting this amazing footage. Ending this night off with a bang the all mighty author of this book "The Gospel of Hip Hop" himself came through KRS1 the MC omg!!! They all went crazy. The man stood at the podium and spread so much knowledge in the one hour that my mind coudn't even handle. I was very happy to see how well Khris's spririt was. He opened up for questions and it was very heated. At the end everyone enjoyed taking pictures with KRS! asking him more questions and just being around him. I now how my book in front of me autographed by KRS1 Kool Herk and True Master (Wu Tang Producer). Yeah it was a great look HIP HOP is alive @


I represent the longest running Hip Hop open mic in New York city located at the pyrimid club every sunday night 101 ave. A btwn 6-7th street. Hosted by the 3 kings consisting of Vice Verses, Pro Pain, and Super Zoo it is called E.O.Dub. End Of The Weak T-Shirts are worn by many individuals internationaly all around the world right now, as you can see in my picture I also have one on. Even the great DMC had his eOdub shirt on. For more information on end of the weak the longest running hip hop open mic in New York City go to Peace and Luv.

Monday, November 9, 2009

True Knowledge

As ya know I'm a great performer on the under ground tip every sunday night at eoDub. Tonight I just doing a big show @ the Sofa Longe, specail guest Kurt Flirt and Dj Whut eva from Power 105 1. There was a great Dj very good lights in the house. Beautiful women I performed 2 of my hottest joints, called "Got My Own Swagg" and "Can She Pop It". It was crazy on that stage I made sure I did my thing and leave a good impression on every body in the building.