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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hood Diary Prt. 4

Dropping souls from popping guns in the street
Every day there is beef God when will it seized?
When will we calm the beast from west to east
Blood to crip popping and cracking making blood drip
It's hard to see a G slip when your apart of the click
But remember they only have 2 options go to jail or snitch
Then they snitch the crew finds out he's in a ditch
So if you think you can't run home might as well not pitch
Get treated like crack get smoked up and fixed
Only way bullets miss is if your in the Matrix
Shots all around no dunk passes or an assist
In the hood not everyone fights with their fist
It’s crazy in the hood every body up to no good
Wouldn’t go back to school if they could
Everybody going to jail come back and do the same thing
My check it this is part 4 Diary of the Hood
True Knowledge
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