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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Last Entry: THe Hood Diary

Life killed smiles slaped guns clapped minds negativly influese by rap
Talking about the trap selling crack getting litle girls kidnapped
For a thrill they kill why not chill man whats the deal can't you feel
The blood spill for not even a mill out there with nothing for you stil
But a shot from a glock half way up block in need to call a cop
Catching a drop it's so hot burning through his tissue and he is screaming a lot
You hear it loud blood squirting dude is realy freaking hurting
But just like the beef on the block all of that bleeding wont stop
Now his body is layed out there eyes open and it hopped
Many hours no police came and then his body just rought
The came outside and she was so mad afraid and choicked
That's how it is in the hood man it ain't good
On the block so many people locked up on the spot
The same people come out doing the same if they could
I'm telling you people live life like everyday is your last do what you should
Because this is my last Dairy Entry of The Hood...
True Knowledge
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