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Friday, March 26, 2010

True @BBking

It was crazy seeing Maino, Juelz Santana, Red Cafe, Fabolous, French Montana, and Jadakiss in person. It went down all crazy backstage man damn... I made sure I did a lot of networking like non-stop networking I was not playing. Thanks to Polo getting us backstage I managed to speak to some very big named people and talk down their numbers as well as their email addresses to possible work with them and create new music with them in the future. Many people are watching me grow as an artist and become a man that will lead positivety in Hip Hop. Going back to BBking this week was even better because I saw Inspector Deck, Buck Shot, Slick Rick, Dj Kool Hurk and many more old school negros that we know and love. The best part is that I had fun with Marco Polo and Conyak with me.
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