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Monday, March 15, 2010

Somebody Please Slap Me

I still can't belive the legend himself, Buck Shot came to EoDuB and seriously bodied the stage. He really represented for the whole boot camp click all by him self. Yo man this dude went in with acopella freestyles he did new joints and old joints back to back, I loved it because he didn't stick to the rules last night. This man just went straight in! I feel like this whole thing was a dream standing in front center of the stage watch Buck Shot sweat OD all over the stage rhyming and flowing non-stop. We all know he has been doing it since back in the day but damn Buck Shot realy ripped it @ EoDuB and truely inspired me as an artist. He had breathe control, crowd control, and presents that can move thousands of people at once. My next acomplishment will be to train my body hard enough to do 8 joints on stage straight without a break because Buck Shot really touched a place in my heart as a True MC. But when this man did "Got Ya Open" man listen! Me and Sarakana went totally balistic. Screaming all his lyrics out jumping up and down EoDuB went crazy.
I had to blogg this man because thanks to EoDuB I had another night I will tell my future children about after I get older.
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