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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Call For Realnest

This blog right here will help me keep track of how many websites I'm on. Yesturday helped me realize how hard it really is to be doing all of this promotion all alone. I signed up for 3 more websites yesturday morning.
Managing myself as an artist online is the main thing I do with my free time other then writting and recording more music. I use very frequently to speak to people out of New York and to send people my youtube video of me rapping for KRS1 and Hakeem Green from Channel Live. I'm not ready to let anyone get over that one at all. I'm even on twitter trying hard to communicate with people about my music and the difference between the music that is forced down their ears everyday on the radio with hidden agendas. Yesturday on facebook many people responded to my status about actually going door to door as an artist to sell people my cds. Saying I know I will hear nos I know people may slam the door in my face, but I will still be motivated as a very strong artist mentally. Many people on facebook respected that. So I'm going to leave you with my internet links and hopefully you fall in love with me. lol...
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