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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Gospel Of Hip Hop

This book I'm reading call "The Gospel Of Hip Hop" is deep. Written and auto graphed by KRS1. Alsom by Dj Kool Hurk and True Master a major producer for most of wu tang lyrics. I feel like this book is the kind of book that can guide me and give me quotes to live by everytime I turn another page in this Hip Hop Bible. This book teaches me a lot about the meaning of Hip Hop, were it came from, and were it could be leading to now. Reading this book makes
True Knowledge feel as if he is the future of music. This is from page 19 message #63.
It doesn't matter what the world is doing or what the world has done, when God decides to move, no force on or in the Earth can stop such a movement. Historically, over the past 36 years, Hip Hop has been such a movement in the United States. And now this people, who were once destroyed, have found favor in God, as he has always favored usm not just with a prophet, but with his presence. And out of us chose one to lead, teach, and guide us to the path of his devine favor. And with that presence, he's offering to us the secpter of rulership. That, that which was not becomes that which is. And that which was last, he would make it first. This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. (Minister Louis Farrakhan, 2007)
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