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Friday, December 11, 2009

Recording "Paradise" In The Studio

This was a moment to remember for the rest of my life. I went over to Ox's house expecting the same quality good enough for a rough draft and walked out a new man. Ox had introduced me to a very experienced engeneer named Nathaniel. Dude played no games. My homie Ox needed to step out for some time so it was just me and Nate using our time highly productivly. We put in the Paradise session into protools and the first thing he asked me is how do I want the song to sound and what do I want to do with it. I told him this is going to be a song for everyone, but the ladies especailly. So I told him I want my voice to sound sexy for the ladies on my L.L. True J tip you feel me!!? I let him know this is going to be a big record spined in many places so I needed the RnB lyrics I wrote to it to be on point and to switch a small part around. After the bridge I needed him to chop off a part of the beat and he did it without a problem while everyone else acts as if that would be rocket science. After that I got back in the booth and made magic happen with the secound verse that I thought wasn't even going to be on my album "Not Your Average Rapper". Then Nate kindly suggested that I do adlibs through out the whole song. I didn't know what to say at first so we listened to the beautiful song over again a few times and soon the words just flew out. I got back on the microphone and just let it have it.
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