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Thursday, December 10, 2009

True Knowledge C Khid "Dreaming Contest"

This gentleman I'm speaking about named C Khid is a dope Hip Hop artist from N. Carolina who has became very succesfull through youtube with over a million veiws. Now since his officail album is dropping next year he is giving other hungry artist such as myself an oppertunity to land a feature on his album. To top it off you would win a free microphone that works with your computer for winning. Now the contest is very simple, he created a song chorus about being a dreamer and made the link availible to download. As an artist you have to write ONE verse only one that you feel will match the record and perform it live on youtube as a video responce to the contest video. So at the begining of the video you must shout out C-Khid's popular trade mark and shout out losbeats to represent the producer of this song. The beat is very hot I must say.
Watching this video really inspired me to go for it and try to get the best that life can offer. So I wrote my 16 bar verse in 15 minutes and then took a half an hour to keep saying it over and over again. The smartest thing I did was go to Marco Polo and reach out to him for help, because he is crazy when it comes to editing videos seriously. I told him all about C-Khid and all details to the contest and by the time I got to Marco's house he already had the beat downloaded. I was so happy about that. So we got the camra out, got in position, and then we just started doing different takes. The next day I had over 100 veiws on youtube already and C-Khid himself commented on my video responce giving my a 5 out of 5 stars I was so happy.
So I'm going to go a head and let you watch my video responce.

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