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Monday, December 21, 2009

Another EoDuB sunday 12/20/09

This sunday night I held Sheree's right hand as I lead her to the stage with me, feeling that she was nervous on the way to the stage. Knowing we were doing something brave and different that will stand out @ EoDuB for years to come. Just a few weaks ago we were in the studio recording a song named "Romeo & Juliet" and Sheree brought my lrics to life with her amazingly sounding voice that everyone in the crowd gave her the up most respect for. And I admit Sheree has a beautiful voice. After I did her favorite verse of the song on stage I let her kill it with the chorus one more time. After that I had DJ Calibrass change up the beat right to "I'm A Professoinal" and let me tell you, the crowd went wild as I just stood there staring at everyone eye to eye with the secound dope beat by Nathan Simmons from London. I wen hard for EoDuB letting it be none that I am nominated for strongest artist of the year award and that they can vote for me @
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