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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fresh Out The Studio

What's up my peoples how are you? This your boy True Knowledge and I just came out the studio with my dude Hidro. His microphone is crispy and he records with cubase. He even created a sick beat with three hot samples basically saying things happen for a reason. It has a really dope chorus to it and the beat is crazy!!! He send it to 3 people inlcuding Ryze, Marco, and myself. When I first heard the beat I said to myself this is very deep and I'm going to write exactly to the beat. I wrote my verse as soon as I heard the beat and I after I wrote I was ver happy to record it with Hidro. I went down to Brooklyn from the bronx to see my dude and he was ready to record even though it was only 3 days later. I'm gone keep you posted.
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