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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Studio Work & Networking

First and formost I would like to say the my officail showcase date @ EoDuB is my mother's birthday Febuary 7th 2010. It's going down Ave A. BTN 6th and 7th street.
The day before yesturday I had brought my dude Marco Polo with me into the studio I been working with for my dabute album "Not Your Average Rapper". We worked on a song together called "I'm A Professional". I say he definetly killed it on the secound verse perfectly fitting in the middle as the only rap feature I have on my album. Here's the problem. See many people know me as a different rapper and one of the main reasons is because I do not curse in any of my songs. Yes that's right as a rapper I do not curse in any of my songs. I would like to keep myself universal and very positive through my music. This is why I do not have the intentions of putting many rappers on my album, because I know it's going to be a whole nother issue. I often told Marco Polo not to curse at all and still the S word the N word seems to apear. Oh and I'm being a Jack Ass for not wanting any profanity on my album. I will go right back to the session next time I go in that studio and take out the curses or just radio edit it some how. The song came out dope and you will see Marco Polo on my album I'm happy for that, if it wasn't for him I truely would not have as much progress I have today. He was the one in the studio with KRs1 and Hakeem Green, took me back stage to meet Rhyme Fest, Rakim and many others in BB Kings. I will never take credit for what he did for me. And dude is sick with video editing. He did things for me that is posted up on youtube already. Polo Visions
Latley my networking skills have been up there, speaking to many people in different parts of the world as well as many people in America. I've gotten responses about my videos and music from many people in London and that feels really good to know that so many people can connect to the message in my music. I use many different websites to manage myself as an artist, to let people know a lot more about me and to let people hear my music.
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