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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Long Ride To New Jersey

Thursday was set up since sunday at EoDuB after my amazing performing. My boy Guy from G.T.P. Ghetto Terrorist Productions hooked up with your boy TrueKnowledg3 so we can go over to his studio. Trust me when I say his beats are crazy. So I Guy hit me up just like he said he was going to do on Thrusday and he drove all the way to my block picked me up in the whipe and we drove all the way to New Jersey. Very long ride but it was so worth the trip. We went right into his studio played the track after he showed me around. He played a neat asked me if I had a song for it and boom I recorded a song named "Stop" right there on the spot. That song is going to be exclusive and on my secound album after I come up with a title. lol... 20 minutes into making a beat from scratch Guy was ready to do someting new. I said "Ok so how should I rap on this" and he replyed "Hard Core". I wrote my 16 bar verse recorded it right there on the spot, did the hook and then Guy did his verse. Easy ain't it.
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