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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yet Another Sunday Night

First of all my showcase at the longest running Hip Hop open mic is Febuary 7th 2010. Now last sunday at EoDuB, oh boy do I have a story for you. lol... You see I signed up for number 16 on the list and my turn was coming up very soon. The funny thing is that when you come to EoDuB they show you love when your hot, but trust me when your not the people will just turn around and walk away. So this is what happened after this one dude went on stage and he ripped it and just kept going. He wasn't even on the list the 3 Kings called him up and let him rock away. Tell me how after he got off stage without me even noticing on the count of I was so tuned into the stage almost the whole Pyrimid club walk outside behind him because he kept on rapping and just rapping. All I noticed is that the club just got empty and there were only about 14 people standing around. I told my dude Poisen Pen, "Yo I'm bout to do some promo" and just walked off outside. I go outside and I see all of these people circled around this man in his own mental sipher, he just kept on rapping and rapping. I knew my time to shine was very soon though he just wanted to keep going I opened my mouth out of fustration in front of every one having eye contact with AlBeBack from the movie ATL another great MC who rocks at EoDuB. I said the first thing that just came to my mind in a rhyme saying no one is inside everyone is outside and basically I'm going up on stage very soon and that you should all watch it. I don't know how I did it with a freestyle but I had everyone laughing and enjoyed. After about 5 minutes inside the club was packed again. Guest who was on stage then, Poisen Pen. Yo! My dude Poisen Pen ripped it on stage ridiculously. After that is was my time to go and the rest was history. Make sure you hit me up add me as your friend check out my bio photos videos and music... etc...
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