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Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Sunday @ EoDuB

I must say last night was the best night to be at EoDuB on a sunday night. Not only did I body it all crazy on stage, but Zulu Nation members came through gathered around outside KRS1 came through to perform some of his classic ht singles, and just to top it off Talib Kweli came through EoDuB. The pyrimid club is located Ave. A btwn 6th and 7th street.
I let everybody know once again that my showcase is febuary 7th the night of the superbowl. When I tell you I bodyed it on stage like I seriously went in and went crazy for the crowd. I performed a banger called "I'm A Professional". I don't know if it was the hot beat made by Nathan Simmons or the tough hard hitting lyrics I wrote to it or the catchy chorus to the song... I'm a proffessional.
Waiting outside with Marco's big camra for the arival of the teacher KRS1. He came out of a car across the street and walk toward us. It was a warm welcome to see the teacher KRS1. When Talib Kweli came out I didn't want the oppertunity to pass me by so I made sure I rapped for him, he was on his way out but for some reason while I was rapping he just stopped and listened to me. We were getting very good eye contact and everything. I guest it's cuz I'm
"Not Your Average Rapper"
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