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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Working On The Spot

I don't know were I came up with the ability to do this but since Jess James and I did "Who What" in the studio right there on the spot everything has just been flowing out. On wensday I went over to Ox's crib to talk record and chop up a few beats, as usual so I can keep working hard. Now Bramich was all ready at the spot down to his 3rd 40 onze saucy as heck. So boom I hear this one beat that wasn't even finished on reason yet. I said "Loop it on to protools now". It just hit me, 10 minutes later I came up with a chorus and told Bramich to write about being a devil on one shoilder to a guy walking into a bank to rob it. I on the other hand wrote about being the angel. The wicked part is the we switched it all the way around were I was the devil and then he was the angel. O boy the way it came out was dope.
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