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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Working In The Studio

Ok now it was time to put some finishing touches on my album "Not Your Average Rapper" in the studio. Had to make a few changes and have a few arguments, you know how it is I keep it straight real. I keep my mouth shut and listen to opinions from other and if I think it could benifit me I would go by it. I'm glad I brought my home girl Lavish with me, because she gave me some great advice. People that record music will understand what I mean with this a lot more. As a rap artist I put in a lot of work with doubles, acsents, and all the crazy adlibs. She looked at the protools scream and straight up told us "that is way to much work". "Someitimes less is way better". So I understood what she ment, it's just that after recorded with Marco Polo I got used to doing the endings as well as the beginings after I do the double. It just so happened that she likes what I used to do better then what I was doing now. The only thing I explained was once all my takes or tracks are all mixed down together it's gone sound like one. She said it made no sence to do all those takes or tracks if it ends up sounding like one voice at the end. So I let he know that before I used to just record my verse and then say all the endings to it. And maybe do adlibs. So we took a minute with the extra tracks on mute and just listened to how the main vocals sound. And honestly I must say what her point was actualy makes sence, it did sound better that way. I wanted her to hype up one of my tracks, but I old her not to curse and she didn't know what to say after that. lol... Yup! It's True!! I don't curse in any of my song lyrics you can ask anyone True Knowledge does not curse in his albums, I want to be more universal for the people. So the next time I hit the studio in the morning I will go thru the list of all my tracks and take out all the extra takes or tracks (what ever you call them) and this True Knowledge album called "Not Your Average Rapper" will truely be a succesfull classic Hip Hop album.

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