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Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Youtube Video

O when you go to type up trueknowledg3 just like that on to the search engine. You will see a bunch of me popping up, but I need you guys to check out L.L. True J VS. True Pac. It was a crazy performance I did at EoDuB Ave A btwn 6 n 7th street. The whole joke was me starting off with a song for the ladies additionally having my shirt half way off on the stage infront of the women. After the first verse of the song I did the hook again, then switched up the record to my smash hit called "Not Your Average Rapper". Between the trasition I heard on a microphone "He just went from L.L. True J to True Pac on us. The crowd was laughing and cheering for me to go in, some how I kept on a straight face as I usually do before performing my hit record "Not Your Average Rapper". Now with my shirt on I resited this song on the microphone as if the world was ment to end the next day. Getting two verses out of the song gave me enough energy on stage to resite the chorus 5 times in a row to the crowd of EoDuB. Check me out...

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