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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Sunday Night @ EoDuB

This sunday night at the longest running Hip Hop open mic show was off the chain. I waited on line today as I normaly do (Ave A btn 6th and 7th street) and signed up as number 11. Wearing my blue EoDuB ready to perform for the amazing crowd. The night was very live tonight because there were people from different places in the world, such as Germany and Brazil. There were different acts on stage speaking in so many different langues that it jst drove the whole crowd wild. So as time went by people got their drink on and their dance on as I rehured in the bathroom saying my lyrics to myself over and over again. I thought of doing something wild and crazy that I don't normaly do, which is taking my shirt off on the EoDuB stage. So as I'm in the mirror checking myself out a friend of mine happens to walk in so I quickly put my shirt down and made my way out. It was about that time for me to apear on stage for my homie Marco Polo to be his hype man on stage for his smash hit called "New World Order". He says to look out for the versoin with KRS1 and more. He was number 7 and oh we rocked it, even Mental Sapream was on stage with us! When I got on stage it was camras out and time to roll...
I started off with a song strickly for the ladies called "The Time Of Your Life". When I took off my shirt they said a few thing like LL True Jay on stage before the music started. As they beat began the crowd went wild letting the intr play I herd a lot of yelling and scream saying "Go In! Go In!" chanting for me to begin. Then I set it off for the ladies so well that Joe Columbo had to give his camra to Sheree so she can record me. lol... I did the hook and the first verse that song. At the end of the segment my signature beat came on for the hit record off my album called "Not Your Average Rapper" entitled "Not Your Avearage Rapper". It is about how I am not like these other rappers, I'm not your aveerage rapper. Putting my shirt back on got everyone's attention instead of just the women in the crowd. ----Let me tell you 'bout ya average rapper--- the crowd went wild and said all of the words back to me as Marco Polo was on stage with me saying most of the words with me as well. It feels so good to know that other people out there know my song so well that they said my own lyrics right back to me.
Before I went home a lot of people came to me and gave me so much props saying that I said some real stuff on stage. True Knowledge - Not Your Average Rapper.

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