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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Gospel Of Hip Hop

Just now came from KRS-1 the MC's book release event. It was so live in the W hotel O my!! I came through had my name on the guest list and got a pink ticket to one of the first to get this legendary book that will be in many generations to come. There was an open bar in the house had your boy True Knowledge all saucy but not to much. When it was last call on that open for I saw mad people running down to get their last few drinks. They were giving out free vitamin water, I definetly had a few of those. In the building was the lengendary Hakim Green from channel live look very sharp and O... I most give another O... for this one. You wont even belive me man... The originator the creator of Hip Hop the Jesus Christ of Hip Hop if you wanna Kurt Flirt was in the house man. This was truely legendary holding Marco Polo's big camra shooting this amazing footage. Ending this night off with a bang the all mighty author of this book "The Gospel of Hip Hop" himself came through KRS1 the MC omg!!! They all went crazy. The man stood at the podium and spread so much knowledge in the one hour that my mind coudn't even handle. I was very happy to see how well Khris's spririt was. He opened up for questions and it was very heated. At the end everyone enjoyed taking pictures with KRS! asking him more questions and just being around him. I now how my book in front of me autographed by KRS1 Kool Herk and True Master (Wu Tang Producer). Yeah it was a great look HIP HOP is alive @

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