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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Performing Live

I am no shy person when it comes to a stage. The first time I ever performed on stage I was 11 years old in J.H.S. and I was all over that stage. It was only in front of 4 people, but it was something about being on stage the burning feeling through my vains the rush of energy in my heart and the song lyrics in my brain. These feeling have never left my soul since. Not I was introduced to a weekly open mic spot located at Ave A btwn 6th and 7th street called the Pyramid club. Every sunday night it is E-o-Dub which stands for End Of the Weak. If you take a lot at my picture you will see me waving to the crowd wearing a green EoDub shirt. I was so happy DMC wearing one. The host are the 3 kings and their website is very good networking goes on in that website. Big Ox the head of OZ ent was the one that introduced me to EoDuB and since that night I never stopped going to End Of the Weak every single sunday night to perform. The first song I did was called "Not Your Average Rapper" and the crowd at that club showed me so much love I had to come back and do my thing some more. I grabbed that microphone and wild out so crazy that I was known for being the wild one. The people over there gave me very good advice about controling my energy while I'm performing. I took everyone's advice and now when I perform live I don't even have to look at the crowd, because I'm sure that they are enjoying the vibe and I know they understand what I'm saying.
Trust me I'll be performing there every sunday night.

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