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Friday, November 20, 2009

Rapping For Rakim

Yes it's True. Ya boy True Knowledge live and direct. I just came from BB King, located at 42nd street in manhaton and the energy in the house was very positive. The night started up as Rhyme Fest got on stage rocking with DJ Rock Steady while I held Marco Polo's camra to capture this great footage. Rhyme Fest really rocked it and gave all the people something to go wild for. I remembered when he stopped the show, shouting out the white people in the crowd who enjoyed it heavily. He then kept it real about how black people, the people he loved would like his music and never buy his music. Then he proclaim that it would be white people and people over seas that will be the true die hard fans of that real Hip Hop. Boom; so we went back stage chilled in his dressing room and guest who come in! The legendary man himself Raheem man it was so great to see this guy in person. Can you belive he had to use my rhyme book to exchange with Rhyme Fest after he straight up bodied the stage? I swear I got Raheem to sign my rap book aswell. After filming the guys that brought you the hip hop the hibit the hinit to da (you know how it goes) and the original Slaughter House members the spoke on the new ones on tape. And guest who I saw after that! It was the God MC Rakim and right before he got on stage he was saprised at the opertunity to great his family members. Marco Polo had to tape his stage performance man, because I was in that crowd going crazy as hell watching Rakim perform his Hit singles such as "I Ain't No Joke", "Geuss Who's Back," and "Microphone Feind". Let me tell you man, he seriously killed it. Boom; we back stage and I saw my dude that be at to and performing there every sunday. His name is Fish Grease. Him and his crew started up a mean sifer so I poked my head out as soon as I realized that Rakim was paying attention. So I started spitting bars by that time all the stars were going in the room. So I kepted on rapping and rapping and lyricaly going in because I was mad every1 was just thinking I'm some camra man, I am True Knowledge! So like a minute goes by and I saw Rakim walking up to me, but he went to a bath room that was right next to me. I'm thinking alright he might be feeling it and the door was closed so let me spit a little louder. Finishing my rhyme looking into Marco's camra. Then Fish Grease was going in again killing it hard body. A few minutes later I saw Fish Grease in the room rapping for Rakim so I went inside the room, it was so crowded while I walked right through. Without even introducing a thing I started spitting my best rhymes for Rakim, as one dude was being rude trying to distract me Rakim listened to me and he inspired me to keep rapping for him. When I was done I held the camra and asked Rakim what was his reaction?

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