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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keep Faith Alive

Don't let your dreams die is the message I want to express everytime I perform at eodub. I know one day I will be telling people that is the place I got it all started. It's not a question any more I just know I will make it big. The people say they like my music and they want it to become big well, at the end of the day the people will get what they desire. I work with the best underground producers of all time of this country as well as UK. The name True Knowledge has a lot of people wondering. Once the album drops and marketing this directly to the people and they will respect me more for having the corage to straight come up to them and display my talent as an artist as well as a good sales man. I been writting to a lot of beats right there on the spot. No matter what anyones thinks I wont stop.
True Knowledge

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