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Monday, February 8, 2010

The True Knowledge Showcase @ EoDuB

DMC says EoDuB is his favorite spot to perform. I been rocking at EoDuB for some time now and last sunday which was the super night was a great night indeed for Hip Hop. True Knowledge was on the flyer and I came through to make sure that I represent on stage of the longest running Hip-Hop open mic in New York City. I started my show cause off with a poem about my people back home in Haiti and the devistation of the Earth Quake after a moment of silence. After that Dj V Dot played the first song which was brand new to EoDuB called "Ready And Willing". After the first verse I had the whole crowd saying ready and willing for me during the chorus. Made everyone go wild and crazy when the beat from "Not Your Average Rapper" came on. Looked towards the stage looked at the homie Polo on the stage looked at Webified looked at the DJ and just went in full force. Damn I really should not of went so crazy on that song, because by the next song "Got My Own Swagg" I was sweating up a storm. But sweat is good. lol...
Not Ya Average Rapper
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