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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get Your BlogSpot Up

True Knowledge just came from another Hip-Hop venture answering questions in an interveiw for a show being developed called "Polotics And Hip-Hop". They asked me things such as, Why do I call myself True Knowledge... Who are my inspirations... They asked me to name a few producers on my album "Not Your Average Rapper". They had me up on the A train going downtown rapping while they beat boxed on the train. It was pretty interesting holding the camra and asking them deep questions about politics and their veiw on life. Noice and Valentine are very intellegent men. We had a lot of fun laughing with one another and speaking about rappers that we don't like. Charles Hamilton I'm gone battle you or just punch you in your face when I see you bi%^t*ch. Polotics and Hip-Hop will be popping soon. Till then I am..
Not Your Average Rapper
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