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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Gospel Of Hip Hop

This is what it means for us to be and remain free, to take responsibility for ourselves, to be able to chart our own path toward the divine and make our own humble observations regarding spiritual, cultural and political matters. Are we not free-thinking adults? Does GOD not speak to us as well? Well, let us begin acting as such, beginning with the documentation of what we have seen, heard and felt regarding the activity of GOD for ourselves.
Let us as scholars and Hip-Hop citizens acknowledge the presence of the Love that has saved us. With this gospel let us proclaim our reconnection and trust for the Love that has guided us thus far. We respect the experiences older civilizations have with GOD, but now it is time we experience GOD for ourselves. We no longer need an interpreter, our culture is our religion and our religion is our culture.
This was 2 paragraphs of the Gospel of Hip-Hop the first instrument presented by KRS1
This whole chapter is about the love. Before these paragraphs the book says that Love is GOD and GOD is Love.
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