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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Last Performance @ EoDuB

It was great last night. I did one of my biggest songs that I get a major reaction to called "Got My Own Swagg". First I got up and Dj V Dot and I were talking and hudling, then I was making the crowd kinda wait on purpose. But yo!!!! When that beat came on I swear something just hit the club like a big hurricane and I just went in like... swager right check game tight bag a chick and I'll hit it the same night... I'm in it for that paper jack swiss and the motserella... I did the whole first verse and then after the chorus part, my boy Dj V Dot ran it back and I pushed Kurt Kadet towards the crowd. Didn't mean to push him that hard but I was in the No lie I think he killed it even harder then the last time we did the remix together. I made sure I was getting mad hype on stage and dancing all around the whole stage to the beat and the chorus (I ain't nothing like ya'll I got my own swagg.. I got my own swagg got my got my own swagg). 2nd verse my boy Ryze let loose, I know he was gone kill it but I got surprised by him because he just started freestyling in the middle while I was doing his adlibs. Hey the crowd was loving it and I was like hey go in man. So tell me how it was my turn, I saw my dude Webbified and had a glance of Marco Polo right before I held the mic directly in front of my lips and begand to rap so fast on that beat and slow it down for my "Got My Own Swwagg" (REMIX) verse. The crowd was going so crazy!! Then at one point I got so deeply into perform that I began to freestyle just like the homie Ryze did. And it came out fire. At the very end I pasted out and had all of my peoples on stage with me to stomp me out and make it look like I was getting jumped on stage. It was a fun performance live @ the pyrimid club and it will be a moment in history that I will never forget.
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