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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Outstanding Rapper True Knowledge

Written By: Pierre R. Francois
As an artist, True Knowledge is an outstanding rapper.
In my point of view, an artist that writes all kinds of music and that has
a lot of respect in the society. Why does a talented person like
True Knowledge have to suffer without the right promotion he needs?
This is not fair! As a rapper, he works hard enough to earn what others have.
Why is he not known? I always thought hard work bring good things.
In this situation it seems to be the opposite. He works to get something out of noting.
I feel like his day will come, and that day will bring success for this young man.
It seems like he has been doing music since he was in his mother’s stomach.
He was born for music or maybe music was born for him.
I heard his music and I really believe he will get what he has worked hard for.
Not Your Average Rapper
Make sure you check out his music, bio, photos, and more videos:
facebook: Jacob True TKO

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