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Monday, February 8, 2010

True Knowledge Rapping For DMC

I will never forget this day the night of my mother's birthday. In front of EoDuB with God's grace and the help of my big homie Marco Polo I was rapping for DMC. I went to EoDuB and found out DMC had came there very early eager to perform his music. Polo let me know that and then he introduced me to DMC and we told him that we speak through myspace on the regular.. LMAO!!! After the three kings totally ripped the stage DMC was the first MC to grab the microphone and rock. I jumped right on stage in front of all of those camras because I knew in my heart that I would not become blessed with oppertunities like this everyday. To even stand next to a legend and have my good friends take pictures of me standing next to DMC smiling from ear to ear.
Before my show case it was me DMC Marco Polo Conyak and some more people outside with their camras. Marco Polo was having a conversation with DMC about the state of Hip Hop and what needs to be changed in Hip Hop. DMC was talking about how much this new music is on the wrong topics and that we need people who actually talk about something that makes sence in their music, such as True Knowledge.
My dude Polo tried to introduced it all but I just had to let it all out. It built up in me for so long that I said "Can I kick it?" he said yes you can....
Not Ya Average Rapper
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