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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Biological Bases Of Behavior

Biological Bases of Behavior
How do humans react to the ferocious roar of the bear? Why do humans have headaches and stress out when come upon to do certain tasks? The environment, genes and chromosomes, and the central nervous system are factors to answer these questions. The human psychological characteristics and behavior are built by a combination of these factors. Psychologists use these factors to determine people’s psychological makeup and behavior. However, a person’s characteristics come primarily from their genes.
From the time the baby gets out into the real world inherited genes are making the baby act in a certain way. When someone tickles them, they might cry or laugh. Their genes establish their reaction to these events. From the beginning of birth, the baby’s reaction to the environment can only be determined by its genes. As a result, human behavior uses a combination of environmental and inherited trait factors.
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