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Monday, January 25, 2010

This Sunday Night @ EoDuB

Had a very good night @ EoDuB (Ave A btwn 6th n 7th) this sunday. Performed a brand new song for the first time of my life produced by Conyak called "Don't Turn On Hip Hop". The beat sound even more sick after Dj Calabrass turn it up high, I can imagine how hard the bass and snare was hitting everyone in the crowd. For the firt 30 secounds I had my game face on grilling the whole EoDuB crowd hard. This seems to be my nitch the way I do a 360 before I begin to rap. I really like the crowd's reaction to my lyrics when I got off the stage. This is a place were I do songs with a whole bunch of people from different place. Keep this in your head now ok.
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