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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bowery Poetry Club

T-Rex who is Ne-Yo's back up singer in unplug invited me to perform @ Bowery poetry club. Think I said no? lol.. I got there by 10 o clock sharp as he said and the spot was very live. There were people from so many different states in the house and the women were looking off the chain man. Music Soul child's back up singer named Show Time came over and tour it down with a band behind him playing the guitar drums and bass. It was even hotter because Loaded Lux was with him on stage and I was right there next to them. The energy was great in the house and everone was drinking. I was back stage and Loaded Lux was in front of my dude Coppalabel's big camra dropping a few shouts and I was right next to him throwing up my signature peace sign. It was a great look getting on stage performing a song that I have just recorded with Coppalbel produced by Conyak called "Don't Turn On Hip Hop". The beat was banging in the joint and when I was done everyone in the house gave me props.
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