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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fresh From Ox's Studio

You know we come to Ox's crib turn on the beats and just zone out. So as I got to the floor I see Iz and a good dude from EoDuB. We go in and it's Vice Veezy and Ox playing Maden. Before you know it we got down to the music and 20 minutes later I have a new banging song called "The Lavish Life" produced by Andre (Rebel Beats). It's about Lavish and her struggly being a business women who gets put in a groupie catogory by many male rappers that she encounters. Ofcourse at the end I end up being Not her average rapper.
Me and Vice did a lot of songs today as well as Big Ox on a few of them. Vice helped me out a lot and tought me a few things while we were there. Now we have an OZ banger you all better watch out for, called "Put On A Show". The beat produced by Nate we be knocking you all over your body and our lyrics are so crazy in this song.
After that we spoke about doing more songs the next day, the work on this album, the verse going on a song I'm doing with Jalil and Corry gunz, EoDuB as an international movement and OZ entertainment.
Not Ya Average Rapper
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