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Friday, January 29, 2010

Self Motivation

This week was very bad for True Knowledge due to the fact that my best friend's uncle still owes me money that I've worked for and his phone is off no were to be found. Now my phone is off and no one can even get in contact with me. I got 3 brand new videos I need to get posted and I still can not drop my album I was going to have ready this week. This guy has screwed up all of my plans. But do you think this is stopping me from writing my music? Hell no! I motivate myself daily by chalenging my mind every day in the morning to write something brand new. When it comes to writing 16 bars now I do it within 10-20 minutes tops. I have been writing a lot but what realy motivates myself as a Hip Hop artist is going back to everything that I have written down and reading them daily. Reading my raps more is how I keep up with the style in my flow and I edit my words taking out this putting in that, that way I fit to the beat perfectly. Going back to read what I've wrote makes me say "Whoa did I write that?" I write about many deep subjects and when I finally get out of my house with my damn money I have many songs to record. So remember I am:
Not Ya Average Rapper
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