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Friday, January 22, 2010

Not Only Connected With Google but Yahoo Now
Yes it's True. Not only is TrueKnowledg3 oficail in a google search, but now True Knowledge is good in a yahoo search. You could just tell your friends to look up Who Is TrueKnowledg3 and now you can find me and listen to my music so much easier then me selling my cds for 5 dollars. There are so many more blogs I have to type up and get people to read and many more places as well as faces to see to get to were I would like to be in my life. Hidro knows I'm going hard. Shout out to Canyak Coppalabel I see you baby! OZ Ent. I'm feeling good enough to anounce that I will be doing a song with Jalil and Corry Gunz called "Kepp On Moving". Be on the look out for that because it's going to be crazy. And to all you beautiful women in North Carolina I will be hitting your city to perform on April 15th. Hit me up and I'll give you more details ya digg? It feels good to be making music like this so google: TrueKnowledg3
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