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Friday, January 22, 2010

My EoDuB Profile (New Song Availible)

Coming out of no were with this one. Hidro! True Knowledge! Marco Polo! AND RYZE!!! On the same song called "For A Reason" Produced by Hidro. This song is about what people go through in everyday life and the sample is saying everything happens for a reason.
Hidro hit me up and told me he got a beat for us to get on. After he sent me the beat to my gmail I wrote to it right there on the spot because I felt the beat so much. 3 days later I came over to his house and recorded my verse. It took more then 100 takes, but I was not leaving without my verse sounding perfect. The way Hidro mixed down the whole song sounds so clean.
I told Marco Polo I had my verse ready on this song and he let me know he was almost finished with his verse. I see that Marco Polo was feeling it just as much as I was. His verse was pretty deep.
I remember and I can never forget Ryze called me up just a day after I heard Marco Polo's verse and he told me he was in the studio as we were speaking. Definetly had to congradulate him on winning not 1 but 2 dub awards. We spoke for a while then I told him just record your verse and send Hidro the verse without the beat because Hidro is pretty good at mixing. After Ryze did that, the rest was history.
If you not on reading this blog you really should be. Just use this link to get straight into my page so you can listen to this song called "For A REason".

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