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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Dreamer's 16 Bars

Dreams are meant to be followed mine are chased
Even if all of these years have been to waste
Still putting on my sneakers tightening the lase
Going after my desires in such a strong pace
Wish to be a famous Hip Hop artist this is my dream
So I uploaded a song on my page straight from imeem
But I'm not your average rapper I do not curse
I put the energy of poetry into every verse
They call me True Knowledge and I'm here to say
If you really want something in life you must pray
Stay positive and the good will grow
I amaze every row every time I do a show
Writing a lot and memories a lot of songs
My passion for rap keeps me up all night long
Never doing it for the women jewelery and cars
I'm True Knowledge and this is why my poems are in 16 bars
Hip Hop
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